Sample This

For our 65th Synth Hero mix we've got the only band who could possibly mark this musical milestone... 65daysofstatic!

Paul Wolinski, the synthesist behind the pioneering Sheffield based post-rock quartet, has put together a killer selection of electronic tracks based around their love of sampling.

"I was looking forward to making a mix for Synth Hero, but when I stopped to really think about it, I realised that the most important, formative musical moments for me as one-quarter of 65daysofstatic weren't made by synths at all, but samplers," Paul explains. 

"65daysofstatic could never really afford fancy synths. But we had my trusty Akai S2000 Sampler and then later, somehow, we ended up with a second hand Akai S3000 that, legend had it, used to belong to The Pet Shop Boys. Later we sold that one to our sound guy, an eternal regret, but the S2000 has been with me since 1998 and it still just about works. In fact, we used it on our most recent album, 'replicr, 2019'. (Check the sine wave-based keys sound on Trackerplatz).” 

“So, in honour of the mighty concept of 'the sampler', here is a mix of songs that shaped how I thought about and then tried to make music back in the very beginning. It is mostly 90s and it is mostly bangers."

replicr, 2019 is out now. Buy it here.