Synth of the Month:
Korg Polyphonic Ensemble

You can hear the Korg Polyphonic Ensemble‘s distinctive tones throughout Laima’s “Disco Pregnancy” single and on tracks by Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream and Hawkwind.

It arrived on the scene in 1976 and was manufactured in Japan by the Keio Organ company (aka Korg). It was one of Korg’s first polyphonic instruments and has full polyphony across the entire 48-note keyboard.

A maximum of two preset sounds could be combined together. However, very little can be done to modify the sounds; envelope Attack and Sustain, oscillator de-tuning, and EQ Treble and Bass are the only controls. Fortunately a nice Phase Shifter can be dialed in to give the sounds some retro seventies shimmer.

Text: Vintage Synth Explorer