00.00 Maryanne Amacher: Teo! Part 1

Amacher was an an artist whose work needs to be experienced live to capture the sheer physicality of its expression, where mind meets body. Truly phenomenal

01.56 Keith Fullerton Whitman - Apollo Museum Generators

Whitman has a prodigious output and this is just one of many of his works I frequently return to. He’s definitely an inspiration to many through his wild modular patching adventures

06.46 David Tudor - Dialects

I was fortunate to see Tudor perform many times in the 1980s and his little table of magical musical instruments remains an inspiration to me. His interpretations of John Cage and other composers is simply superlative

09.56 Caustic Window: 101 Rainbows ambient mix

Mr Aphex Twin in ambient mode. Taken from the unreleased album which fans funded a Kickstarter campaign for a release. Richard sampled me on the Phone Pranks track to close to this album!

15.00 Air Liquide: Tanz Der Lemminge 2

I remember hearing this in Berlin the early 1990s and its slippery hypnotic character always conjures up a special moment in German electronic music, swamped by dry ice and acidic pulses

20.48 Mica Levi: Lobo Y Lady

Taken from the Monos film score Mica offers up a sonic world that combines synths with a string quartet in distinctly unsettling mood

23:00 Abul Mogard - Despite Faith

An artist who enjoys the anonymity of electronica, giving us beautifully cinematic works that offer us a rusty, aged sonic landscape

27.50: Roland Kayn: Cycloids I

The singular pioneer of cybernetic music, Kayn’s work is slowly been rediscovered. I remember first hearing his works in elaborate box sets back in the 1990s. Challenging and unique work

29.50 Grischa Lichtenberger: Arct 1

A jagged twisted work from an artist whose work diverts the dance floor into other places. I love his crisp approach to rhythm and texture

32.25 Johann Johannsson: Seeker of the Serpent's Eye

Impossible to classify this soundtrack by the late composer, but Mandy uses menacing ambient electronics with piercing orchestrations in a truly unforgettable way

34.24 Modeselektor: Dull Hull

An instrumental version of an almost industrial track by a dance floor friendly act. Their music accompanied me on long drives across New Zealand earlier this year and is perfect for mountainous explorations

38.39 Laurie Spiegel: Patchwork

A champion of electronic music who I met at Mills College many years ago, and whose buoyant and melancholic work always brings me joy.

46.10 Robert Lippok: Open

There’s a wonderful sense of space in Lippok’s work, where absence is as powerful as noise

53.50 Cliff Martinez - First Sleep

I pretty much love everything Martinez makes but this Solaris soundtrack is absolutely majestic. This slow brooding work is a richly sculptural masterpiece.

56.25 65daysofstatic: stillstellung

A post rock band in a different guise, bringing us intensely ominous soundscapes and this amazing stress heavy percussive gem from their latest album.