C·30 C·60 C·90 Go!

The communal guise of Penelope Trappes & Stephen Hindman. Part art project, part electronic experimentation, part disco party, The Golden Filter were born in 2008 in NYC as a disruption to the pop music status quo.

Now based in London & firmly welcomed into the Optimo Music family, their current raw, minimal wave creations push the limits of analog beat-heavy soundscaping & angular vocals.

For their Synth Hero mix, the duo has selected songs from cassette-only releases and demos released between the years 1978 - 1986.

“When I was a little kid in the 80s I had older brothers buying records from artists like Television, Fire Engines, Human League and Madonna, all of which I became a fan of,” Stephen recalls. “I didn’t really own a record player myself, so I bought tapes. One of the first was Bad Brains’ debut tape on the label ROIR. That led me to buy Suicide’s ‘1/2 Alive’ tape from the same label, not really knowing what I was getting. From there I was (sometimes blindly) mail ordering electronic and punk tapes from all over the world. I did not own all of the tapes in this Synth Hero mix, but through blogs like ‘DIY or Die?’ along with some others, I’ve amassed a digital collection of tapes from the 80s to put int mixes and get influenced from.”

So how does the crackle and hiss of cassette tapes influence their new music? “In The Golden Filter’s work, and in Penelope’s Solo work – as well as my upcoming solo project called ‘Isolating’ – we try to add an unquantifiable ‘tape demo’ vibe to a few tracks on every release, and we repeatedly come back to the music in this playlist for inspiration.”