00:00 - Attrition - Crawling

From the ‘Death House’ Cassette released in 1982. Ambient and deathly music… Thought this was a good way to get things started.

04:00 - Cosey Fanni Tutti - The Secret Touch

This is originally from Cosey’s ‘Time To Tell’ Cassette released in 1983. We only discovered this track within the last 6 years or so (which is odd as i’ve been a TG fan for, like ever). but I think this might be one of my all time favourite pieces of music. She documents her experiences in the sex industry and with art performance. An important document. Pure art… and a very entrancing listen.

10:19 - Invincible - The Sea Of Wires

From ‘Individually Screened’ Cassette - 1980. I don’t know much about it, but we listen to this collection a bunch when looking for inspiring 80s music.

13:40 - 5XOD - Rattlesnake

From 'Befor The Beginning We Were Living’ Cassette in 1982. Five Times Of Dust, was their full name, aka Mark Phillips and Robert Lawrence. They were super prolific, and pretty uncompromising in the best possible way.

15:40 - The Dadacomputer - Automation

From ‘The Dadacomputer ’ Cassette - 1981. This is by the same duo as the last track, but under a different name… and a bit more punk.

18:20 - Caroline K - Don’t Believe It’s Over

BLEEP cited Caroline K as a reference point when reviewing Penelope’s first solo album, which was exciting to see that they got that. Her album, ‘Now Wait for Last Year’ from 1987 is amazing, and probably better than this song, but it was a vinyl release, and ‘Don’t Believe It’s Over’ was on a lost demo tape from 1983, released recently by Mannequin records.

21:12 - Sympathy Nervous - Polyester 35 Micron

From ‘Polaroid’ Cassette - 1980. Sympathy Nervous Yosihumi Niinuma  from Tokyo. I don’t know if I discovered this through a blog of from Minimal Wave releasing his music, but either way, it’s a really great track.

23:20 - Third Door From The Left - Live 002  ( from ‘Live 001 / Live 002’ Cassette 1982)

A live recording by a duo who sound a bit like Throbbing Gristle. I feel like this is how all first performances should feel. gritty. imperfect. but with vibes.

27:12 - Cabaret Voltaire - Oh Roger (from ‘Attic Tapes Three 1978 - Mute reissue)

One of the first vinyl records i ever bought was ‘Mix Up’ by Cabaret Voltaire. Quick slapback delay in drum hits are something i do all the time in The Golden Filter tracks because it fondly reminds me of CV. This is from a release of old Cabaret Voltaire tapes on Mute.

30:30 - Roberta Eklund - Obsession (from ‘The Heterodox Conclusion’ Cassette - 1986)

Amazing track by poet, artist, pianist, Roberta Eklund. She has a really great collection of work all on cassettes released in the 80s.  Love this song the most.

34:10 - Clock DVA - Oedipus (from ‘tape 1’ Cassette 1978)

My brother had the ‘Breakdown’ 7inch when i was growing up.  I kind of liked it, but thought it was overproduced… I think i would have really loved Clock DVA if they stayed more like this.

38:01 - Tom Ellard - Blame (from ‘80s Cheesecake’ Cassette - 1982)

Tom Ellard from Severed Heads’ solo work. This is a really great dance track with tape loop edits…  probably sampled from somewhere as you can hear the loop isn’t perfect… but pure charm.

40:40 - Claire Thomas And Susan Vezey - Reprint 1 (from ‘Reprint’ Cassette 1980)

I discovered this tape a couple years ago and I didn’t really know this until last week, but this is apparently by an artist named Phillip Sanderson, and not two women. The disguise probably wouldn’t make sense today, but misinformation in underground music in the 80s always makes for an interesting listen. The music is great either way.

41:51 - Andie Oppenheimer - Subterranean Desire (from ‘New Mexico’ Cassette 1982)

This is Nuclear Researcher, Andie Oppenheimer … he was in a band called Oppenheimer Analysis… which has had reissues on Minimal Wave… which is how I know about it. Really amazing synthpop production for 1982!

46:00 - The Nocturnal Emissions - Untitled (from ‘Deathday’ cassette - 1981)

Recorded live.. Noisy, but really good . I wish there was still a market for gritty live experimental electronic improvisational releases.

47:30 - Solid Space - Contemplation (from ‘Space Museum’ Cassette - 1982)

This has been reissued on Dark Entries in 2017, but i had these mp3s about a year before that… really great British synth pop that probably should have been huge in 82.

50:41 - Ian Boddy - Surface Touches (from ‘Elements Of Chance’  Cassette - 1981)

Proggy ambient synth work. Really Really nice…

54:25 - Soft Cell - Occupational Hazard (from ‘The Bedsit Tapes’  1978 - Some Bizarre reissue)

Tainted Love was huge all over the world. Even in Pennsylvania. when i heard Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret i just really wanted to know how to get those snare drums (Really!). Such a good thwack. Anyway. I picked ‘Occupational Hazard’ cause it starts pretty much the same way that our tracks End Of Times, and Electric Light start. Obviously they were first. Massive influence for us both. Brilliant duo.  

57:51 Suicide - Dreams (from ‘1/2 Alive’ Cassette - 1981)

I own this tape from R.O.I.R. … I think I bought it because of their name (or maybe ROIR’s description) when i was in elementary school and have been a mega fan ever since. Thankfully, I caught them live 2 times… once in NYC in 2007, and once at the Barbican for one of their last shows ever. Punks in the truest sense..