Nonlinear Time Traveller

Our 67th Synth Hero mix comes from a man who helped pioneer speed garage and also created one of the biggest club hits of the noughties: Tim Deluxe.

Deluxe grew up in North London and worked at Time Is Right Records at the age of 14 and debuted for Ministry of Sound as a DJ in replacement of CJ Mackintosh before he turned eighteen.

In 1994, Deluxe met Omar Amidora, a graphic designer and Andy Lysandrou, the label owner of Boogie Beat. In a joint venture, they launched Ice Cream Records, a record label and released a number of EPs as R.I.P. Productions.

In 1997, Amidora and Deluxe had a number 14 hit single on the UK Singles Chart with "RipGroove" under the name Double 99.  A couple of years ago, Wookie ranked the song at number 2 in his list of the "10 Best Garage Tracks", saying "Undeniably a game changer from my boys Tim and Omar. I still drop this regularly in my sets without hesitation.” Find out how Tim and Omar created the iconic bassline in his Synth of the Month below. 

In 2002, Deluxe released his most successful single "It Just Won't Do", which features the vocals of singer-songwriter Sam Obernik. 

Most recently, Deluxe has been putting together cinematic mixes under the guise of ‘The Other Cinema’. It allows him to enjoy and explore music which falls outside of the need for a dancefloor... which has come quite in handy throughout 2020. 

“For my Synth Hero mix, I wanted to convey a type of nonlinear time travel narrative within the history of the synth, featuring just some of my favourite artists and composers. How does Sun Ra’s first recording on a Moog sound next to Kraftwerk or Laurie Spiegel? Or Wendy Carlos’s groundbreaking ‘Switched On Bach’ alongside some of my favourite contemporary synth/electronic artists - Actress, Aphex Twin, Caterina Barbieri, Luke Abbot, Emily A Sprague, The Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society etc?”

There’s only one way to find out...