01 The Camarata Contemporary Chamber Orchestra
“Reverie De L'enfance De Pantagruel” 00:00 - 1:55

02 “Reverie De L'enfance De Pantagruel” 01:56 - 02:37

Thanks to you Tim Noakes! These two tracks are from a wonderful album by The Camarata Contemporary Chamber Orchestra- whom Tim introduced me to. They re-work Erik Satie, into something wonderful, the humour in his music is brought forward even more so. This album is 1972, I believe there are a further two more albums using Statie’s work according to their Discog’s page.

03 Sun Ra
“Sun Thoughts”
(02:37 - 03:23)

This is the first recording of Sun Ra on a Moog I believe, a test session at the Moog Factory in 1969. It’s wonderfully playful and free. It didn’t appear until 1992 on ‘My Brother The Wind’’it was never meant for commercial release - ‘I use music as a medium to talk to people. - Sun Ra. Music is a language, you see, a universal language’

04 Kraftwerk
“Franz Schubert”
(03:23 - 07:41)

So dreamy!  Where to begin , not only with Kraftwerk, but also Schubert.Deep dive on them both.

05 Suzanne Ciani
“Flowers of Evil - Based On the Poem Elevation by Charles Baudelaire”
(07:41 - 10:06) 

The last stanza from the poem

He whose thoughts, like skylarks,

Toward the morning sky take flight

— Who hovers over life and understands with ease

The language of flowers and silent things!

06 Qasim Naqvi
“Mrs 2E”
(10:00 - 13:15)

Really love this Teenages EP from Qasim on Erased Tapes. This particular track has a wonderful playfulness about it and it wonky in a really human way, very child like. Qasim is someone who I’ve only come to know of late, but will definitely be following his output.

07 Actress Feat Zsela
“Angels Pharmacy”
(13:15 - 16:28)

This track feat. Zsela on vocals is taken from Actress’s new album ‘Karma and Desire’. Actress’s wonderful bassline in this just leans so much into Detroit  Techno in my mind, hence following with Model 500’s ‘The Passage’.

I’ve been enjoying Darren’s (Actress) music since the days of his Honest Jon’s albums. Amazing to see him carve out his own sound over the years.

08 Model 500
“The Passage”
(16:28 - 23:40) 

Released in ’92.  I first heard this on Kiss Fm, Dj Colin Dale played it - I was  age 14 or 15 , headphones on, late night in my bedroom, this blew my mind!

Taken from ‘The Real Techno Ep’ - a track which for me, is in someways unparalleled in terms of Detroit Techno, Juan Atkins joins so many dots on this, his futurist other worldly sounds with a James Brown break in the middle, acknowledgement to the roots of the Funk and Soul Music of Detroit’s past.

It was released during the  ‘Second Wave’ of Techno from Detroit  - a possible conversation with his European contemporaries of the time , reminding them of the Roots ?

09 Luke Abbott
(23:40 - 30:06)

On James Holden’s Border Community label. This track is from Luke’s new forthcoming album ‘Translate’. He’s has been going for live takes and trying to capture the moment with his newer work , capturing the spontaneity of discovering ‘within’ as the music unfolds in realtime. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this record!

10 Alessandro Cortini
“Amaro Amore”
(30:06 - 35:15)

Alessandro Cortini is a multi-instrumentalist musician from Italy. I really love this track from his 2019 album VOLUME MASSIMO, a super cool melodic modular workout which really builds towards the end. Alessandro has worked with NIN and has many projects and collaborations that are well worth exploring.

11 Emily A.Sprague
“Water Memory -Mount Vision Synth 1”
(35:15  - 37:48)

Emily A.Sprague is an artist I’ve come across recently and I really love her work. Modular ambient workouts, but always moving and evolving. This is from the really great album ‘Water Memory’.

12 Wendy Carlos
“Switched On Bach - Prelude and Fugue No. 2 in C Minor (from Book 1 of the Well-Tempered Clavier)
(37:48  - 40:20)

1968! Yes 1968! Incredible work. Performed on a Moog Modular system , this album peaked at No. 10 on the US Billboard chart and was No. 1 on its Classical Albums chart from January 1969 to January 1972!

Due to the commercial success of this album it allowed Carlos to undergo SRS and become her true self, it wasn’t until December 1978 - Jan 1979

That Carlos (featured right) publicly disclosed her status as a transgender woman in a series of interviews. By this time she had already scored Stanley Kubick’s A Clockwork Orange and was about to score The Shining and Tron in the following years. W E N D Y, Queen, a true badass!

13 Aphex Twin
(40:20 - 43:50)

What’s left to say about Richard and his music ?

Apparently, when he used to live in an old bank in the Elephant and Castle , he would turn the phone ringer off on his landline - as not to be disturbed. He would pick up the handset as and when he felt like it, subsequently, you might get lucky and catch him if the timing was right.

14 Bernard Parmegiani -  “Versailles...peut-être”
(43:50 - 46:00)

Bernard Parmegiani’s 1977  ‘Techno Panel Beater’, which could have been released in 1994 on Overdrive or R&S Records. Huge energy in this track, imagining Sven Vath dropping it at Timewarp after Carl Cox. Vicks and facemasks - WALLOP!

15 The Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society - The Scent Of Rain 
(46:00 - 52:15)

Garry Hughes and Harvey Jones under the guise of The Delia Derbyshire Appreciation Society. I really love this record and the way they brought together the worlds of synth and acoustic instruments.

A really wonderful blend and beautiful pace on this album. Of course, the project is named in tribute to the BBC Radio Workshop pioneer Delia Derbyshire - who created one of the first tv themes in Dr.Who and went on to create sound and music for over 200 radio and tv programmes.

16 Caterina Barbieri
“Ecstatic Computation EP - Fantas”
(52:15 - 57:30)

I came across this track after James Holden tweeted about it. Really love the vibe. Super washed out reverb in the beginning which then slowly morphs into a real ear worm of a modular workout. Great stuff and another artist to watch out for.

17 Laurie Spiegel
”Appalachian Groove I”
(57:30 - 62:10)

The Expanding Universe is a glorious album from1980. It still sounds so fresh and contemporary.  Modal and very Pentatonic based melodies that almost seem folk like with really interesting rhythmic structures.

18 Radiohead
“Everything In Its Right Place”
(62:10 - 66:10)

Happy 20th Birthday Kid A! Through the prism of time this one will forever be part of the cultural pantheon of the Prophet 5 synth.

Greenwood said the song was a turning point in the making of Kid A: "We knew it had to be the first song, and everything just followed after it." He said it was the first time Radiohead had been happy to leave a song "sparse", instead of "layering on top of what's a very good song or a very good sound, and hiding it, camouflaging it in case it's not good enough" Genius! 

19 Sun Ra
“Mother Nature”
(66:10 - 66:44)

Be more like Sun Ra!  Mother LOVES you.