Synth of the Month:
Yamaha DX-100

selected by Tim Deluxe

The story behind UKG’s most famous bassline: Double 99’s “Ripgroove” 

We (Omar and I) used this synth on so many early Double 99/RIP Releases. It was our go to synth for bass sounds and lead lines. It was so lo-fi, but, had so much power. The infamous ‘Jazz Organ’ patch was used on so many early Garage records and Kerri Chandler productions. As soon as we heard it, we were like - ahhhh! That’s where it’s from.

On ‘Ripgroove’ we used the ‘Jazz Organ’ preset with one of the ‘oscillators/operators’ turned off. It would take the more sounding ‘perc tone’ out , and leave this extremely heavy sub bass sound. This was then played with the famous ‘warped bass’ sound on top. The ‘warped’ bass sound is from the Classic Roland Juno 106 - Square Wave, cut off quite low, not much resonance, the attack on the filter envelope adjusted to taste to give the ‘warped’ slow attack/lead in. Those two together is what created the bass line sound. Compressed to bring together, maybe a tad of eq to boost even more! ;)

We were later told that Sly and Robbie had used the DX100 on loads of productions, it made complete sense! That cultural connection between Reggae and U.K Jungle/DnB then into U.K Garage and later Dubstep and Grime - is evident for all to hear and follow.

One of the most amazing things in regard to this was when Reggae Soundsystem’s would play ‘Ripgroove’ at Notting Hill Carnival. For us as kids, it was really exciting to see this lineage and Joining of Dots’ if you like, being played out in real time. Topcat - the MC/Vocalist on the record was a huge part of that also.

Full circle with a square wave and a DX100!